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Semiconductor Equipment Design

Semiconductor Equipment Design

We started in a form of dispatch as a technical group specialized in semiconductor industry, and have changed the form into the grouped contracted business and, moreover, the consistent outsourcing business to serve market and customer needs in the striking alteration. It was a change from individual to systematic service.

Currently we are succeeding to expand our business to automobile, biotechnology and other field with application of accumulated and improved skills and system.

We also provide the service not only individually, for example, developments, design, and tracing a plan but systematically as the department of design. It will help you to focus on the development and strengthen your core competence.

Our dispatched people serve at customers place and, moreover, almost 50 staffs using constructed original system deal in mechanical services (FA, mechanical energy, and product development), electronics services (communication and semiconductor) and other development design services with good-standing company. And we have wide range of business

Business content

Mechanic design and development / electric design and development/ software design and control

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment design
  • Production line, laborsaving device automation and design
  • small household appliances chassis design
  • Mold design

Infrastructure-building design

  • CAD system customization
  • Application tool development

CAD drawing and trace

Help desk