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Software Development

Software Development

One year after inauguration of business, we had departmentalized to serve market needs of software development engineers at that time. We have engaged in business to contribute to an information society with many kinds of system development skills and experiences since a start of departmentalization.

Our software development is good at the development of windows application services for medical system and sales management, and our main service is to design the open system with a databases and programming. We have approached the system development for the web services and concentrated on the new technology.

We obtained ISO certification for quality and environmental management system (ISO9001, ISO14001) and now we are grinding for a greater customer satisfaction and software quality improvement in this fast-evolving society.

Personal Information Protection Law took effect in recently. We recognize the protection of the Personal information is an important task, and have been approaching them since we obtained Privacy Mark certification.

Actual performance

Business application for Sales management

Entrusted the customization of the management application for oil companies. (Design the program, programming and test)

Business application for medical sales management

Entrusted the development of the program to manage the schedule for inpatient care. (Design the program, programming and test)

Business application for manufacturing management system to semiconductor manufacturing

Entrusted lot control of post-process throughout the semiconductor manufacturing and the program to manage the number of failure and other trouble. (Programming and test)

Business content

  • Client/server system development, web system development
    (Management system for medical service, Sales management system, Public system)
  • System basic design, program design, manufacturing, test, maintenance
  • Making the website, design, flash contents, CG modeling design
Development environment, operating system
(Windows95, Windows98, WindowsNT4.0, Windows2000, Windows XP)
Software development language
(Visual Basic, .NET, AccessVBA, ExcelVBA, .ASP, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, PL/SQL, T-SQL)
(Oracle 8i, 9i, SQL Server)
Business software, application software
(Office 2000, XP (2002), 2003)